Sept. 3, 2018               For immediate release
Contact: Hannah Brinsby, █████ █████ College Assistant Director of Public Relations
Telephone: ██████████
Email: ███████████████

█████ █████, ████—An art exhibit featuring the works of █████ █████████, █████ █████ College class of ████, will be on display in Torgrim Exhibit Hall of the Holland Center for the Arts Sept. 15-29 on the █████ █████ College campus.

█████████ will also present a lecture and Q&A session on the exhibit 11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 15, in Room 204 of the Holland Center for the Arts. Following the lecture, light refreshments will be available outside the Torgrim Exhibit Hall for visitors to the exhibit. Both the exhibit and the lecture are open to the public with no charge for admission.

The exhibit, titled “asalientart,” features a variety of media on partially blank canvases. Its works have already been praised by the Iowa Journal of Introspective Media as “a thrilling critique on the demands of social technologies.”

“In this age of social media, we are expected to be available in every moment for everyone else’s consumption, never being allowed to take a moment to shut out others and take a moment to reflect on our own holistic needs,” wrote Alanna Waters for the journal. “Featuring seemingly only the shadows of portraits and incomplete landscapes with empty space where one would expect the subject to be positioned, █████████ has taken a stand and allowed even the subjects of his works, whose very purpose is to be always available for our viewing, to escape these trappings.”

“Sure. That’s valid,” responded █████████ on his public Twitter profile, @sadboyfacepaint. “That’s where the subjects are. Social media and all that.”

█████ █████████, son of █████ █████████, is from █████ █████, ████. His works have been featured and profiled in a number of publications, including the Ohio Journal of Fine Art and Sophistication, Modern Man Art Magazine, and International Art Internationale.

█████ █████ College is a liberal arts college with a student population of 3100 recognized nationally for its record of student safety. For more information, visit ██████████.edu.