Fear & Delight by The Correspondents

In any case, my friends, it's too late
Like a moth to light, like a beast to bate
and I know the black widow eats its mate
It's wrong but I want you tonight

So, in case you hadn’t noticed, Capy likes girls.  Like. Really likes girls.  And as someone who didn’t have the best environment to express her crushes in growing up but now has much more room for them, she is prone to falling in love very easily, and not always making the best decisions based on that.  This whole song is from the perspective of someone similar, who is always smitten from the moment they see the exact wrong person.  Also similarly, Capy has no regrets when it comes to this, because to her, love and attraction are always good, and disastrous as some of her attractions may be, they’re still an expression of who she is.

One Foot by Walk the Moon

Well, out here in the dust if you don't have trust
Ain't nothing left of us, this is the exodus
They're just testing us, they can't flex with us
They can't mess with us, they can't mess with us

I like to think of this song in relation to Capy’s relationships.  Whether it’s with girlfriends or friends or teammates, you could not ask for someone more loyal than Capy.  This song has imagery of people out in the wild, facing the elements and uncertainty. But with Capy on their side as someone who can not only weather the elements, but take them in stride, surviving isn’t a question.  Capy can help get you through anything - if you’ve got her back too.

(Also, I just think “They can’t flex with us” is just the most incredible Capy line.)

Best Damn Friend by Barenaked Ladies

And we'll go
I'll be your hero
I'll be your man
I'll be your best damn friend 'til the end

This song ties both into my view of Capy and her general disposition in life.  I just love giving her “Big Damn Heroes” moments - those instances where everything looks bleak until she appears, fists swinging, ready to kick ass and take names.  That’s just kind of who she is - maybe not the fighter on the front lines, but always ready to push forward in times of need, and almost never ready to give up and admit defeat.  There’s an easy kind of confidence to both this song and to Capy that just says, “You need me? You got me.”

Ain’t Too Cool by LunchMoney Lewis

I know you want a baller, baby, I understand
Who's wearing all that jewelry and expensive name brands
But I can show you something that ain't none of them can
Cause I, cause I
Cause I ain't too cool to dance

This song, I think, actually demonstrates one of Capy’s best aspects, which is that she really doesn’t care what people think about her, at least in terms of trying to project some artificial image.  She cares if people think she’s a bad friend or she’s disloyal, because those are things that are actually important to her to be. On the other hand, she doesn’t try to make herself quieter, smaller, less noticeable to people who wouldn’t approve, and, as the song says, she “ain’t too cool to dance.”  And just like in the song, she wants to encourage others to feel that way too, free to be themselves despite expectations, free to dance their hearts out.

Thunder by Imagine Dragon

Kids were laughing in my classes
While I was scheming for the masses
Who do you think you are?
Dreaming 'bout being a big star

Is it too much of a cliche to use an Imagine Dragons song as a theme?  Oh well, I still love this for Capy. Just how big and joyous and percussive it is, it makes me think of the big Captain Capy that most of the world sees, the one who’s fought her way up for years and now seems practically untouchable.  She’s someone now who a younger Capy could’ve never believed she might be someday, and she is ready to make a roar and a rumble in this world.

Demons by Frank Turner

You're not delivering a perfect body to the grave,
Time is not there to be saved.
Life as a holiday, a moment stolen from the black;
Before the demons drag you back,
You won't get everything you wanted,
But you will never be defeated.

Capy, at the beginning of the podcast, had definitely developed a sort of life philosophy for herself - have a good time and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself.  Whether that philosophy will survive the show is still up in the air, but I still hope she holds onto some of it in the sense of this song. Life will never be perfect, and you will never be perfect, so don’t waste your time trying to live up to that.  There are much greater victories in life than that.

Feel Good by Neon Trees

Oh, I'm tired of waking up alone
I just wanna feel good, feel, feel good
Stay, you and me, we can dance the night away
I wanna make you feel good, feel, feel good

Surprise, surprise, this song by a gay artist about wanting to feel good despite depression and unrequited love, I found to be very relatable to Capy.  In many ways and on many levels, Capy really is as happy and confident as she appears, but there are parts of her that still feel the uncertainty, that still feel like a fuck up.  But she doesn’t let those parts rule her much anymore - and she’s always happy to help spread the good feelings around.

Capybara by Farewell Continental

I will never be afraid of your faulty plays
And I will never wander far from your lovely scars

Look.  I fully acknowledge that this song...really doesn’t have a whole lot to actually do with Capy as a character.  But also, seriously, I love Farewell Continental and how often do you come across a song called Capybara???  You should go listen to it and them anyway, and just imagine Capy blasting their discography out the window on a roadtrip across the country.