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Claudia Elvidge (voice of Bee, writer, @frogsov) hails from the Midwest and has been teaching herself to write since she was 10 years old. An aspiring author and lover of pop culture studies, she fell in love with audio drama over long hours of binging The Black Tapes, The Bright Sessions, and Wolf-359. This is her first time producing an audio drama.


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Sarah Ruth Thomas (voice of Wolf, @SarahRuthVoice) hails from the great state of Texas and has always been a performer.  From Shakespeare to Mozart, Menotti to Rogers and Hammerstein, Sarah has been a singer, dancer, and actor since she was a child.  She now focuses a good portion of her energy on voice acting, lending her talents to video games, podcasts, audio dramas, original animations, and a few educational videos.  When she isn't acting, she's out hiking up mountains and rafting down rivers, always accompanied by her corgi.

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Alicia Atkins (voice of Capy, @RecklessAnarchy) 25, has lived all her life in Alabama. She's a musician who has always had a passion for music but is just now starting voice acting. She is a guest narrator on the Creepy podcast and plays Director Ellen Roda on the Copperheart Podcast.

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Robert Baulderstone (voice of Newt, @SpringGrunge) is a 21 year old actor, writer, director and student from South Australia. He can be found in local theatre. Tweet at him about movies or comic books!


Cedric Reeve (voice of Prince Thalassal, @reevecedric) is a voice actor based in Washington State. He can be heard as Elory on Dining in the Void, Ricky on The Strange Case of Starship Iris, or Tony on the Lavender Ladies. When not acting, Cedric can be found playing D&D 5th edition, his favorite video games, or a board game from his (self-proclaimed) far too large collection.

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Matti Mali (voice of "The Monster," @RealMattiMaliis an actor/writer/overall creative individual who aims for great things. He started his acting over career on blog/video site Manic Expression's podcast plays and has expanded to other audio drama series like Project STELLAR and Saffron & Peri. His voice can also be heard in video games Almost a Hero, The Hanged Man and Aquacreep. In addition to enjoying art in all of its forms, he also likes to review it, doing professional theater critique for Finnish newspaper Keskisuomalainen and non-professional video game critique on his Youtube channel HedonisticActor.