Bee is a communications major who struggles to communicate effectively around her own anxiety, preferring to speak anonymously to untold strangers rather than reach out to the people around her. Since gaining magical powers, Bee has also gained the unfortunate tendency to set her surroundings on fire.

Wolf is a cool and seemingly self-assured library and information studies major with a keen interest in helping others  find their way - particularly, her bumbling roommate Bee. Combining tough love and direct communication with genuine care and sweetness, Wolf is a formidable force, even among this superpowered crew.

Capy is a big, loud, out and proud rugby player, and recently discovered herself to be in possession of super strength. Charismatic and easy-going, she gets along with nearly everyone, but has still had some disagreements with Bee, preferring to use her powers to win rugby matches instead of fighting monsters.

Newt is a reserved fifth-year art major who has had the ability to briefly bring his designs to life. He tends to keep people at arm’s length and hide behind copious amounts of snark. While there may be something more beyond his cold exterior, that doesn’t mean he’s any more eager to jump into the fray against any monsters.

Hawk is a hyperactive first-year who’s recently been propelled to even greater aspirations by her superspeed. As someone both very intelligent and very easily distracted, she can often be held back by imagining too many possibilities rather than focusing on one concrete path. Viewing herself as a real life superhero, she is not only eager to fight the Luptile, but everyone she thinks is doing wrong.

Moth is a deadpan, dead tired, and slightly dead inside first-year who hasn’t had a good night’s rest since before the dawn of time - or at least it feels that way. A highly accomplished cosplayer, she facilitated her friend and roommate Hawk’s superheroic dreams by crafting her costume. Despite having no magic powers, she is still considered by many to be a powerful and unquantifiable being.

Prince Thalassal is the heir to the throne of the Onoles, a kingdom-state on another world called Onoles. On the hunt for the Luptile, he somehow wound up on Earth and is seeking a way to return home. Raised to rule, he seems very high-minded and full of himself, and adapting to life on a new planet and among new people has not been the easiest transition

Fox is an enigmatic girl who contacted Bee online, claiming to also have magic powers and to have had her water abilities for more than ten years. Despite her seemingly kind nature and strong connection with Bee, Fox has an unfortunate tendency to disappear when things get complicated, making her an unreliable ally.