The Beacon is an urban fantasy audio drama about magic, monsters and the importance of making friends.

Initially formatted as an in-universe podcast and audio journal, The Beacon follows the story of a shy college student who, after surviving an attack from an impossible monster, discovers she has the magical ability to control fire.

Adopting the name “Bee” to hide her identity on the show, she broadcasts out to the world in an attempt to find others who may have powers like hers so they can defeat the increasingly dangerous monster. Although she eventually finds such people, Bee quickly realizes that her new companions are stubborn individuals with plans of their own for their powers, and that not everyone wants to be a hero.



Cover art - Nathaniel Manns

Cover art - Nathaniel Manns


The Beacon is created by myself, Claudia Elvidge. Even though I’ve been writing since I was young, this is the first time I’ve worked extensively in script format, as well as tried my hand at many of the skills necessary to bring an audio drama to life, including casting, editing, and voice acting to provide the voice of Bee. Still, I’m excited to be able to produce and share this show as a representation of my love for fantasy storytelling.



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The main cast of The Beacon features the voice acting talents of the following:

  • Sarah Ruth Thomas as “Wolf”

  • Alicia Atkins as “Capy”

  • Robert Baulderstone as “Newt”

  • Lillie Blue Lennox as “Hawk”

  • Penelope Parker as “Moth”

  • Cedric Reeve as “Lassie”

  • Matti Mali as “The Luptile”

Additional voices of the first season provided by Devante Johnson, Gavin Gaddis, Allison Brandt, and Therin Stapp.

Cover art and additional graphic design for The Beacon provided by Nathaniel Manns.



The Beacon has aired the entirety of its 10 episode first season after running on a bi-weekly schedule from July 30 to December 10, 2018. Season two, which will consist of 13 episodes, is currently in production and will premiere Summer 2019.

The podcast can be found on a number of platforms, including iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.  



To contact the show’s creator directly, email

Updates, ramblings, and pictures of moths are available on the show’s Twitter.

To download associated images and access a simplified text version of the press kit, visit here.

Website & social media banner - Nathaniel Manns

Website & social media banner - Nathaniel Manns