Chat Log #1

 beapodbee: hi fox!

beapodbee: morning!

beapodbee: this is bee, just in case you forgot

beapodbee: oh, i guess i don’t know if you’re usually awake around now

beapodbee: i just had a couple more questions i kind of wanted to ask you after last night so

beapodbee: so uh, just message me back when you can!

beapodbee: it’s nothing important, just wanted to say hi

beapodbee: …and that i really wish this app had a “delete messages” feature

beapodbee: …or a “delete self” feature because boy am i red in the face now

firefawkes: hahahahaha!

firefawkes: hi bee!  i just got your messages. sorry, i’ve got kind of a weird schedule.  i do a lot of driving at night and sleeping through the mornings

beapodbee: oh, that’s fine!  

beapodbee: i’ll keep that in mind

beapodbee: i mean, i’m a college student here, and isn’t that just the cliche that we all keep weird hours

firefawkes: is it?

beapodbee: oh, sorry, i guess i kind of went and assumed you were in college too even though you just said you do a lot of night driving, which doesn’t sound very college-y

beapodbee: unless you do that for your job to make money to pay for college which i would totally understand

beapodbee: and of course it’s totally fine too if you not in college at all!  

beapodbee: or if you already graduated

beapodbee: sorry if this is weird but how old are you?

beapodbee: i mean that’s not relevant to if you’re school or not, anyone can go to college at any time and it’s totally fine!

beapodbee: that was weird im sorry please ignore any of that you just wanna ignore

firefawkes: i don’t think you’re weird bee :)

firefawkes: i’m 23

firefawkes: and i’m not in college

firefawkes: i’ve never been

beapodbee: okay, that’s cool!  

beapodbee: college is overrated anyway

beapodbee: you come here to get edumacated and then you have to take a bunch of classes that don’t make sense and live with a bunch of strangers and then they throw the magic and the wolf monsters at you and it’s all just

beapodbee: so overrated

firefawkes: lol 

firefawkes: i always wondered if i was missing out on anything, but it’s good to hear it doesn’t sound like it

beapodbee: yeah, it’s kind of not great sometimes

beapodbee: my mom always said college would be where i met some of the best and lasting friends of my life

beapodbee: but i think i kind of missed the boat on that after i spent most of my first year hiding from everyone

firefawkes: why were YOU hiding?

beapodbee: i mean, i’ve just always been kind of shy - if you couldn’t already guess from the show - and i live on campus, so being around this many people all the time used to really stress me out 

beapodbee: so i’d just spend all my free time alone in weird little corners on campus ignoring other people

firefawkes: oh

beapodbee: which i bet makes me sound like even more of a weirdo

firefawkes: no, no, no, i just wouldn’t have guessed!  you always seem so friendly when we talk and when you do your show!

beapodbee: that might just be because it’s easy for me to talk to people not face to face

beapodbee: if we met irl, you’d probably think i was really, really awkward

firefawkes: irl?  is that a place or a name or something?

beapodbee: oh, no, sorry, it means “in real life”

firefawkes: oh!  i bet you wouldn’t be that bad

firefawkes: i don’t get to talk to that many people in irl too often either

firefawkes: i usually have to move around a lot

firefawkes: so i’d probably be a little awkward too

beapodbee: it’s fine!  that’s great! it just means we could get to be awkward buddies together!

firefawkes: :)

beapodbee: if we ever did meet in real life, i mean

beapodbee: if you would ever want to do that, i mean

firefawkes: i think i’d like that actually

beapodbee: !!!

firefawkes: sorry, did your message not send just then?

beapodbee: oh, no, i just typed a bunch of exclamation points because i was really excited because i’d like to meet you too someday (!!!)

firefawkes: oh (!!!)

firefawkes: :)

beapodbee: and even if that doesn’t happen for a while, i’m still just happy to talk to you

beapodbee: i think if i’d had a friend like you in my freshman year, or, yknow, when the wolf-thing attacked, this all wouldn’t have seemed so terrifying

firefawkes: :)

firefawkes: hey, did you have some more questions you wanted to ask me?  i’d like to try and answer anything you were wondering about!

beapodbee: oh! right!  

beapodbee: why i messaged you in the first place

beapodbee: yeah honestly i was just wondering about some magic stuff like if you’d run into any monsters too, or if you get as tired from using your magic too or that’s something you grow out of

beapodbee: but also i kind of have to run to class now because i just remembered i have shakespeare in about 3 minutes and that’s like on the other side of campus

beapodbee: um sorry ttyl fox!

firefawkes: ttyl?

firefawkes: bee what’s that :)