At its start, The Beacon was not meant to be my most original creation, and this thought extended to my main character, Bee, when it first came to developing her.  So, when asking what the inspiration for a character like her was, the answer is the character source that was most readily available to me, which was…me.

There was a lot of Bee that was originally just pulled from my life, both in terms of personality traits and from my personal experiences.  When I was wanting to jump in with the story, it was so much easier to just pull something out of my own bag rather than try to harvest it from somewhere else. 

So, if you ever find yourself asking why Bee was created to be an anxious shut-in with few connections who lived on a small, isolated campus and detested her Intro to Entomology class, the answer is simply because they say write what you know, and that was what I knew from my own college years.

Now, the odd thing about this is, when I was a younger writer, just starting to craft my first original characters, the easy way of making characters for me was to try to make someone very different from my self.  A lot of my early OCs, in their various states of refinement and depth, were very upbeat and self-confident characters, because for someone like me who was always shy and grew up watching shounen heroes like in Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho, that was the kind of person I used to wish I could be.

In another universe, that first, more surface idea of Bee could have wound up being a very different character, like that same rambunctious and action-heavy archetype I used to rely on that I would’ve found new ways to develop.  But in this case, since The Beacon itself was born from such a specific time in my life and such a personal need to write, it just seemed right to have Bee pull a lot from me. I think it’s not the worst thing in the world for writing to be a little self-indulgent like that sometimes, especially if you know how to balance it out into a fully fleshed out being.

This all isn’t to say that Bee is just a carbon copy of me.  This was all simply the baseline for deciding what constitutes her character.  In the first season alone, she does quite a bit to move beyond just an exaggerated mirror-me, and I already have so many ideas for how she’ll continue to outgrow her original shell and change in future seasons. 

But you’ll just have to wait and see how all that plays out…