Patreon Bonus Content Index

Hey, it’s pretty awesome that all of The Beacon is free to listen to, isn’t it? It would be even more awesome if it was free to produce - but we’re still looking for the portal to the alternate world where money was never invented.

Until we find it, you can help support costs of The Beacon - paying voice actors, sound effects, equipment, software, and the hundreds of hours spent writing, editing, and producing the show - by donating to our Patreon for each episode we produce!

In return, you don’t only get the rewards offered on our different tiers, but access to our back-catalog of bonus and behind the scenes materials, which are updated with new materials every two weeks!

For $1 an episode, you’ll have access to:

Annotated Scripts - Includes access to both the original recording scripts distributed to the cast and commentary on the history of the episode itself.

Annotated Playlists - Playlists selected to reflect the characters of the show, along with commentary on just how character and song fit together.

Lighting The Beacon - Mini-essays going further into detail on the characters, themes, and overall creative process of the show.

For $2 an episode, you’ll have access to:

Bonus Minisodes - Like the real Beacon, but shorter and generally just a good happy time.

In-Universe Writings - Pieces ripped straight from the headlines - and the phones - of the world of The Beacon itself.

  • asalientart - A news piece detailing the latest exhibit of everyone’s favorite sadboy artist

  • First Contact - How Bee Met Newt (and Capy)

  • Firefox Chat - Ever wonder what Bee and Fox talk about? Well, now you can get a hint!

  • The Magic of Sports - What happens when someone (Bee) who doesn’t know about writing or sports…writes about sports.

Behind the Scenes

  • Character References - notes that went into fleshing out the backstories of these characters and provided references for their performances