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Soulborn City is a secondary world fantasy audio drama about a young woman blessed with the power of empathy and her journey to understanding herself, her powerfully blessed classmates, and the world that helped to shape them.

The story is set in a world called Runal where the people of 12 kingdoms scattered across a shattered planet may receive blessings of power from 12 different divine patrons at birth. It follows 22 year-old Sefriya Parzol at the beginning of her enrollment in a unique program at the illustrious Serault University designed to promote unity between those kingdoms, blessings, and patrons.

While her classmates have the ability to breathe fire, heal injuries, and manipulate storms, Sef is blessed with the power of enhanced empathy, and can feel the emotions of every person around her - all too clearly at times. 

All Sef wants to do is learn how to use her blessing properly so she can stop losing herself in other people’s emotions - but in order to do that, she’ll have to get close enough to a group of powerful and rambunctious students to be able to understand their differences, while still keeping enough distance to not get burned by their blessings.


Soulborn City is primarily a single-narrator show with the majority of episodes featuring a single actor guiding listeners through a different part of Serault University and Runal. In addition to the main storyline of the show, there are also several side-stories that give listeners a broader view and more information about the world.

  • The “Assignment” series is led by Sefriya Parzol. It is told through a series of personal essays recounting her days at Serault University and her perspective on the emotions and connections between her classmates.

  • The “KSUL” series is led by Herys Fernwick. It is presented as a college radio program and features official news related to the school, cultural news related to the city, and some very opinionated input from Herys.

  • The “Infotainment” series is led by Anacrea Mossos. It is presented as a video series hosted by one of Sef’s classmates. As hosting the series is a punishment for them, they begrudgingly give out information about the workings of the blessings, the patrons, and the kingdoms.


The series is the second audio drama created by Claudia Elvidge, who is also the showrunner on The Beacon. Elvidge is a long-time, self-taught writer, and over the past two years of investment in audio drama, she has become a self-taught director, editor, and producer as well. She is determined to help fill the medium with inspiring, engaging, and original fantasy stories.


The main cast of Soulborn City features the voice acting talents of the following: 

  • Kirsty Woolven as Sefriya “Sef” Parzol

  • David Hanna as Herys Fernwick

  • Tal Minear as Anacrea Mossos


The first full episode of Soulborn City was released August 28, 2019. For the foreseeable future, Soulborn City will be released on an unscheduled basis.

It is available on most major podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts, RadioPublic, and Spotify.

Links to transcripts for all episodes are included in episode descriptions, as well as on the episodes page of the show at


To contact the show’s creator directly, email 

More information and bonus features are available on the show’s website at

Updates, moodboards, and goofs about the world of Runal are available on the show’s Twitter at

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