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Rules for Fire Magic

1. Don’t let anyone you don’t know see you use it

2. Don’t let anyone you do know see you use it (Ash is very nice, but trust me, Future Bee, she won’t understand)

3. Don’t use magic indoors (there are fire alarms everywhere)

3. Don’t use magic indoors on purpose (it’s okay if there are accidents sometimes)

4. If you do accidentally set a fire indoors, get away as quickly as possible so no one knows it was you

4. If you do accidentally set a fire indoors, try to look as non-suspicious as possible

4. If you do accidentally set a fire indoors, try to blame it on the stoners in room 316 (maybe???)

3. Just don’t use fire magic indoors

4. Really try to practice every day other day once a week sometimes so you’re not always always setting other things on fire on accident

5. Wear short sleeves and keep your hair tied back so you don’t accidentally set yourself on fire

5. Nevermind, apparently you can’t set your own hair on fire, but still be careful with long sleeves

6. Bring extra shirts to fire practice

7. Buy more shirts

8. Learn to lie to Mom better so she believes you’re getting all these new shirts because you’ve been getting really into painting

9. Learn to lie to Ash better so she doesn’t think you’re just a weird film student pyromaniac

10. Put together a get away bag in case you need to run away because people actually think you’re a pyromaniac

10. Don’t run away into the woods because there is a monster there, Bee

11. Don’t set the prairie on fire (seriously, it is so dry in the fall)

12. Don’t use it instead of the bunsen burner in science class

13. Don’t fool yourself into thinking this could ever actually be useful in real life

14. Don’t set Newt’s canvases on fire when he’s purposefully ignoring you

15. Don’t use fire magic to make space when people are too close to you at bars

13. And remember - have fun with it! :)