soulborn city - cast & crew

 Claudia Elvidge (creator, @frogsov) hails from the Midwest and has been teaching herself to write since she was 10 years old. An aspiring author and lover of pop culture studies, she fell in love with audio drama over long hours of binging The Black Tapes, The Bright Sessions, and Wolf-359. She is the creator and a voice actor in The Beacon and has been a guest voice on Mount Olympus University.

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Kirsty Woolven (voice of Sef, @qwubblue) is a voice actor and writer based in the West Midlands, UK. As well as being part of Soulborn, you can also hear her in Y2K, Haunted Hell House of Horror, The Kingery, Witches of the City, The 12:37, Tales of the Aether, The Insomnia Project, and Windfall. When she isn't talking to herself in front of a microphone, Kirsty is normally found in rehearsals, painting space-stuff or writing; her current project is a dystopian audio drama, Arrivals.


David Hanna (voice of Herys, @bigmacinpod) is one half of the podcasting duo Macintosh & Maud, a mini-stable of shows covering My Little Pony, Riverdale, and movies. He also plays Randall on the actual-play podcast Bike Brigade, and is a co-host and co-producer of Track Meet, a show about #SongFights. David has a passion for storytelling, loves spreading friendship magic, and has too many ideas for his own good...


Tal Minear (voice of Anacrea, @starplanes) is a SoCal based podcaster with too many passions and too little time. A Mechanical Engineer by daytime, they can be found working on audio fiction by night - or sword fighting, playing DnD, rock climbing, or painting… there’s too much. Tal’s voice is in several indie audio productions, including Ungifts, Sidequesting, Zoo, Inn Between, and Take the Mass Pike. Additionally, Tal co-writes and co-produces Ungifts and is the creator of Sidequesting.