SEF: Name: Sefriya Parzol.

Date: 3rd of Evlamoi, 621.

Assignment: Tell me your story.

Silent, contemplative beat.

SEF: I was born in Jerzault Tower Number Five, in the kingdom of Farra Belusk.

My parents’ names are Castek Parzol and Heslia Thauskale.  

They were born in Jerzault Towers Number Five and Number Three, respectively.  

They are both worshipers of Jerazius, and he blessed both of them at birth with the powers of the Highborn.  

They can walk up walls, and over water, and through thin air, just as their parents could before them, and their parents before them, and their parents before them, back through history, in a line unbroken since the days of the Calamity.

But that’s their story.  The story of the Highborn whose legacy was broken.

Mine is the story of the Soulborn who broke their legacy.

Or...the story of the lonely heir locked away in the tower, whether that’s in Farra Belusk or Pandeya.

Or the story of finally being tracked back onto the destiny I was always meant to have.

Or the story of the loyal worshiper who’s come here to fulfill the sense of duty I’ve always held for my patron by expanding my knowledge and abilities beyond what would be possible if I had never left - 

Wait, no.  That’s not me.  That’s the person who lives abo - hmm, above me to the right.  Above and to the right is that strong sense of duty; directly above me, someone whose boundless curiosity is probably going to keep me awake half the night; directly to my left, someone who feels highly concerned with the bonds they're meant to build with others -

But those are their stories.  The stories of the others in this new program we’ve all been placed in.

Mine is the story of…

Silent, contemplative beat.

SEF: Sefriya Parzol.

My name is Sefriya Parzol.

There are some people who call me Sef.  But I don’t talk to those people much anymore.

I am 22 years old.

I am a Soulborn of Emphierre.  And I can feel the emotions of every person around me.

That is not my story either.  Those are merely facts. But they’re the best place to start for now.  Because when you can feel the emotions of other people more clearly than your own, it’s hard to tell where everyone else ends and where you begin.

So what is my story?

And where do I begin?

Perhaps I’ll begin after this Dayborn is done crashing through my window.  She seems very excited about something, and as long as she's here, I think her story may take precedence over mine for a few minutes more.

Music: Intro tunes.

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